Staff & Program Coordinators

Executive Director
Meredith Masin Blount

Deputy Director
Laura Del Prete-Conde

Associate Director of Outreach and Communications
Maggie Luo, MCIS

Associate Director of Program Quality Assurance
Jennifer Hughes, LCSW

Advocacy and Public Policy Director
Matthew Camarda

Outreach Director
Lisa Powell, MA

Family Programs Director
Viviana De Los Angeles

Recovery Programs Director
Jay Yudof, MS, CPRP

Marketing and Communications Manager
Stephanie Har

Volunteer and Events Coordinator
Kyanna Sampson

Affiliate Liaisons
Beena Bhatcar
Jessica Mozeika

AACT-NOW Statewide Program Coordinator
Melanece Walker, MSW, LSW

CAMHOP Statewide Coordinator
Hiu Lui Cheung

NAMI NJ en Español Statewide Coordinator
Nelhy Barreiro

SAMHAJ Statewide Coordinator
Subha Bolisetty

AACT-NOW Central Region Coordinator
Tiffany L. Mayers, MSW, LSW

AACT-NOW Southern Region Coordinator
Donna Williams

CAMHOP Northern Region Coordinator
Yin Lam, M.Ed, MS

CAMHOP Family Engagement Specialists
Cathy Chen, Peishan Wu

CAMHOP Program Assistant
Dan Liu, PhD 

NAMI NJ en Español Northern Regional Coordinator/Program Assistant
Carmen Yeast

SAMAHJ Program Assistant
Shivani Sethi

NAMI IOOV Scheduling Coordinator/Trainer
Jill Zwick, BSW

School Education Programs Coordinator
John Gesumaria

Dara Axelrod Expressive Arts Network Coordinator
Jacquese Armstrong