Staff & Program Coordinators


Executive Director
Meredith Masin Blount

Associate Director of Advocacy and Public Policy
Phillip Lubitz, MSW

Associate Director of Development and Communications, CAMHOP Coordinator
Maggie Luo, MA

Associate Director of Program Quality Assurance
Jennifer Hughes, LCSW

Program Resources Assistant
Cynthia H. Miles

Informational/Referral Specialist
Marcel Estevez

Development Manager, SAMHAJ Coordinator
Beena Bhatcar, BA

Director of Outreach Services, AACT-NOW Coordinator
Lisa Powell 

Finance Manager/HR Specialist
Sharon Marshall

Communications Technology Manager
Stephanie Har

NAMIWalks Manager
Susan Eisenhauer



Director of Family Programs
Lynne Malloy, LMSW

NAMI Family-to-Family Program Director
Marilyn Goldstein

Recovery Programs Coordinator
Jay Yudof, MS, CPRP

NAMI IOOV Scheduling Coordinator/Trainer
Jill Zwick, BSW

Hearts & Minds Coordinator
Elena Kravitz, CPRP

Dara Axelrod Expressive Arts Network Coordinator
Jacquese Armstrong

NAMI NJ en Español Coordinator
Nelhy Barreiro

NAMI NJ en Español Regional Coordinator
Lauren Feliciano

NAMI NJ en Español Program Assistant, NAMI NJ Special Project Coordinator
Roselin Duenas

AACT-NOW Northern Region Coordinator
Shanee Frazier

AACT-NOW Central Region Coordinator
Tiffany L. Mayers, MSW, LSW

AACT-NOW Southern Region Coordinator
Donna Williams

AACT-NOW Program Assistant
Melanece Walker, MSW, LSW

CAMHOP Family Engagement Specialist
Cathy Chen

CAMHOP Peer Engagement Specialist
Ben Hu 

CAMHOP Northern Region Coordinator
Yin Lam, M.Ed, MS

CAMHOP Program Assistant
Dan Liu 

SAMHAJ North Jersey Coordinator
Subhashini Bolisetty

SAMHAJ Peer Engagement Specialist
Rupeet Singh

SAMHAJ Program Assistant
Shagun Agarwal