NJ Mental Health Report Card

Grades by Category


I. Health Promotion and Measurement: C  (25% of Total Grade)

Basic measures, such as the number of programs delivering evidence-based practices, emergency room wait-times, and the quantity of psychiatric beds by setting.


II. Financing & Core Treatment/Recovery Services: C   (45% of Total Grade)

A variety of financing measures, such as whether Medicaid reimburses providers for all, or part of evidence-based practices; and more.


III. Consumer & Family Empowerment: B   ( 15% of Total Grade)

Includes measures such as consumer and family access to essential information from the state, promotion of consumer-run programs, and family and peer education and support.


IV. Community Integration and Social Inclusion: D   (15% of Total Grade)

Includes activities that require collaboration among state mental health agencies and other state agencies and systems.



• Strong executive and legislative commitment

• Evidence-based practices such as ACT and supportive housing

• Peer-run services and peer supports


Urgent Needs

• Resolve civil rights and safety issues in state hospitals

• Invest in services for people with co-occurring disorders

• Statewide implementation of jail diversion and community reentry programs


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