NAMI SMARTS for Advocacy/How to Advocate 101

Summary of Presentation

NAMI Smarts for Advocacy is a workshop designed to make a difference and make your voice heard. The program is taught in a series of skill building modules or an all day-long training, teaching how to become an advocate and how to make positive changes in mental health services. NAMI Smarts engages you in hands-on learning.



Fern & Scott Fine have been involved, with NAMI Atlantic County, for 5 years. I am currently on their board of Trustees/Community Outreach Contact. Also teaching their “Family to Family” program and “NAMI Smarts for Advocacy”. My younger, 29 year old son, Harrison, is Schizo-affective, hence my reason for NAMI involvement. I am also on the Atlantic County Mental Health Advisory Board. I am also a “Dental Assistant” for 35 years. I am a jewelry designer. I organize and do interior design work as well. A “jack of many trades”. I have been married to my high school sweetheart, for 36 years. I have an older 34 year old married son, who has made me a grandmother of 2 wonderful grandsons.



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