Expressive Arts Café

As the newest project launched in June 2020, the virtual Expressive Arts Café is a series of Zoom meetings featuring different topics ranging from poetry to musical interpretations, from vision boards to handmade crafts. You’ll be served espresso first every visit – a two-minute journaling response that you may or may not share. The Daily Special follows. We will always prepare you for your dining experience with knowledge of the planned workshop and theme. Our workshops include art-journaling, sharing an open mic, storytelling and more. Finally, before you exit, we’ll leave you with a little mint of gratitude to carry you through the rest of your day. All courteous friends are welcome, and creativity is not required! Email [email protected] to get on our notice list!

Upcoming Meeting:

Art to the Rescue
Monday, June 17, 2024
6:00 p.m. – 7 p.m. ET
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A Zoom link to join the meeting will be sent to you after you have RSVP-ed.

Hello and welcome to June, summer, relaxation, picnics, and the last Café of our 2023 – 24 season. We hope that you’ve enjoyed this year’s theme of personal artistic healing journeys. And I’m sure you’ll be inspired by our last edition to the series.

Have you ever been overwhelmed in public situations, crowded spaces, by noises sudden or irregular, or accosted by bright lights at times? What happens? Do you freeze? Do you want to leave? Do you have any other options?

Our artistic guest at the Café this month, graphic artist Amaranthia Sepia, is going to lead us in some exercises that will help us let creativity come to the rescue the next time we experience a sensory overload. So, make sure you check out the materials needed so that you may fully engage in this workshop. Ama, as we call her, will also introduce us to some characters she’s created to combat her anxiety like Emo Bunny.

We’ll be looking for you in our Zoom space on Monday, June 17, at 6 p.m. ET for our “Art to the Rescue” Café. So, be there with your creative supplies and your favorite Café beverage, ‘cause we’re the Café just around the corner, getting to know you better .

To get the most enjoyment from this Café bring:
– Songs or an album to play that you feel an emotional connection to so that you can listen to songs that match your current emotions as we create.
– Art Materials: colored pencils, markers, scissors, paper/construction paper, glue stick, collage fodder, paints, etc.
– Writing materials: pen, paper, journal, etc.
– Digital art or writing such as Procreate, Notes, Word, Canva, etc. may be used, but please no AI for this workshop.