NAMI Family & Friends



NAMI Family & Friends is a free 90-minute seminar that informs people who have loved ones with a mental health condition how to best support them. It’s also an opportunity to meet other people in similar situations and gain community support. The seminar is led by trained volunteers with lived experience of supporting a family member with a mental health condition. They will walk you through the following topics:

– Understanding diagnoses, treatment and recovery
– Effective communication strategies
– The importance of self-care- Crisis preparation strategies
– NAMI and community resources

Participants will receive a free E-book after attendance that explains many of the topics covered in the class in more detail. The e-book is available in English, Arabic, Farsi, Korean, Mandarin, Spanish, and Vietnamese.

We are currently offering this seminar virtually via ZOOM. Contact us to schedule a presentation!


What people are saying about the seminar

“I truly appreciated the communication skills section. I also liked the demonstration about schizophrenia. It covered a lot of material but I am looking forward to taking the family to family and spending more time with each topic.”

“The two presenters were comprehensive and very informative. Learning about NAMI NJ resources and online groups was very helpful.”

“The use of ‘I’ statements…I had not heard that before. It’s also nice to feel as though you’re not alone. I liked when we talked about the different emotions you feel as a caretaker and how it’s all a “normal” reaction and different emotions at different times in the cycle.”

“Information in general provided a good review for family and friends supporting a loved one with mental illness. Presenters did a GREAT job communicating quite often misunderstood illnesses and the challenges that go with them.”


Program Contact

Please email [email protected] for more information.