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We offer IOOV in Spanish – En Nuestra Propia Voz De NAMI. We’d love to schedule one for your audience!


Upcoming Presentation:

On Monday, January 10, from 7 – 8 p.m., we will have an In Our Own Voice presentation for the Old Bridge Public Library. Registration is online, and is limited to people living in the 31 towns (in 4 counties) served under the Libraries of Middlesex Automation Consortium (LMxAC).

In Our Own Voice (IOOV)
 is a NAMI program, developed nationally and sponsored round the state by NAMI New Jersey, designed to train individuals with various mental health conditions, to give presentations about their illness and recovery. The program is a powerful tool for community education and reducing stigma by putting a human face on an often misunderstood area of human suffering.

The program is intended to help reduce the discrimination often faced by people who deal with mental health issues, those who care about them, and those who serve them professionally. One or two program speakers go to a location, and present their first-hand lived experience, backed by other presenters appearing on a DVD. The live and online presenters speak about their dark days, acceptance, treatment, coping skills, and successes, hopes, and dreams. With questions and answers, which the presenters are trained to deal with, the program takes 40-70 minutes. Presentations can be tailored to fit into a 40-minutes middle- or high- school class. IOOV is approved by the NJ Department of Education to offer contact hour credits for K12 faculty in-service events.

IOOV has been successful for NAMI NJ since it was first presented in the state in October 2002. Presentations have taken place in all 21 counties of the state, reaching thousands of people in NJ and beyond. Audiences have included:

• mental health treatment programs (psychiatric hospitals/units and day treatment)
• mental health self-help groups
• social work and psychosocial rehabilitation conferences
• staff in general hospitals
• churches, temples, and clergy in-service trainings
• public employees in social services, housing, law enforcement, child welfare, corrections, and air traffic control
• high school and college classes (including psychology, nursing, education, and special education)
• college and high school clubs (including service clubs and psychology clubs)
• in-service trainings for health and special educators
• community and service clubs
• disability awareness programs at private companies

We encourage interested parties to contact Jill Zwick, Scheduling Coordinator, at 732-571-2136 or [email protected], to discuss scheduling an IOOV presentation. If you are interested in possibly volunteering to be a presenter, we encourage you to have a look at our “Presenter Candidate Information Handout.” You may also join in the “buzz” about NAMI NJ’s IOOV program on Facebook.



Program Contact:

Jay Yudof, MS, Certified Psychiatric Rehabilitation Practitioner
Recovery Programs Director
(609) 642-6959, [email protected]

To schedule a presentation:
Jill Zwick, Scheduling Coordinator & Trainer
848-257-3053, [email protected]