NAMI Connection


NAMI Connection is a recovery support group for adults living with mental health issues. Attendees learn from each others’ experiences, share coping strategies, and offer each other encouragement and understanding. For more information about NAMI Connection, contact Jay Yudof, MS, Certified Psychiatric Rehabilitation Practitioner, NAMI New Jersey Recovery Programs Coordinator, at (609) 642-6959, [email protected].


NAMI Connection Online Support Group

NAMI Connection is being offered online, using the Zoom platform. Click here to learn more and register.

Visit your county affiliate’s webpage for information on local Connection online support groups.


New Connection Online Support Group for the LGBTQ+ community 

NAMI NJ offers a NAMI Connection peer-led recovery online support group for individuals (18+) in the LGBTQ+ community who have a mental health condition. This monthly meeting is held on the last Sundays, 7:00pm-8:30pm ET. All meetings will be 90 minutes and are entirely confidential. View flyer to learn more. Click here to register.

New Connection Online Support Group for Asylees and Refugees

NAMI NJ and Interfaith Rise collaborate to offer a NAMI Connection Recovery Online Support Group for asylees and refugees. This monthly meeting is held on the 3rd Fridays, 4:00pm-5:00pm ET. Download flyer to share. Contact [email protected] for more information or to register.


What You’ll Gain

By sharing your experiences in a safe and confidential setting, you gain hope and develop relationships. The group encourages empathy, productive discussion and a sense of community.

NAMI Connection Recovery Support Group will help you:

– See the individual first, not the illness
– Recognize that mental illnesses are medical illnesses that may have environmental triggers
– Understand that mental illnesses are traumatic events
– Aim for better coping skills
– Find strength in sharing experiences
– Reject stigma and not tolerate discrimination
– Not judge anyone’s pain
– Forgive ourselves and reject guilt
– Embrace humor as healthy
– Accept that we cannot solve every problem
– Work for a better future in a realistic way

Please contact us for information about how to become a volunteer facilitator.


What People are Saying

“NAMI Connection has enabled me to take a good look at my illness and see that I am not alone. The program has given me additional tools to not only accept my illness, but to help others along the way.”

“… People can solve problems [at a NAMI Connection Recovery Support Group]. It isn’t just a bunch of sad stories; people are coming up with solutions and stuff to do for the next week. One of our group attendees is taking her meds and getting herself to her counselor and is just about able to go back to her career in great part due to Connection.”


NAMI Connection Support Groups in New Jersey:

For the latest information, please visit county webpages

For information about peer support groups for African American, Hispanic and Latino, Chinese American, and South Asian adults with lived experience of mental health issues, visit the four NAMI NJ’s ethnic outreach programs.


Program Contact:

Jay Yudof, MS, Certified Psychiatric Rehabilitation Practitioner
NAMI New Jersey Recovery Programs Director
(609) 642-6959, [email protected]