Every Mind Matters

The “Every Mind Matters” Educator Toolkit, copyrighted by NAMI NJ, is an interactive health supplement designed for students in Grades 5-12 and Grades 9-12 to enhance their knowledge about physical and mental health and strengthen their coping strategies in dealing with stressful feelings and situations. It contains information and resources on mental health, mental illness, the brain, stress relief, anti-stigma and anti-bullying.

It is designed for use by health teachers and other educators, guidance counselors, school psychologists, school social workers and school nurses. The centerpiece of the resource is an interactive PowerPoint, accompanied by a structured narrative and numerous hands on activities.

The “Every Mind Matters” module includes a pre- and post- test, quizzes, optional long range assignments and additional resources. It correlates with the NJ Department of Education Core Curriculum Content Standards and is intended for use by Health and Phys. Ed. Teachers to help meet the Standards for Wellness (2.1) in Grades 4-12.

The EMM resource kits (Grades 5-8 or Grades 9-12) can be purchased separately for $145 each, plus $15 shipping and handling. “Every Mind Matters” is a NAMI NJ copyrighted program. Educators are allowed to make copies only for classroom use in the school for which it is purchased.

NAMI NJ can provide a two hour hands on workshop on “Every Mind Matters” for educators who plan to use the program. EMM training costs $550, and one resource kit is provided free with the training.

EMM Program Flyer (PDF)


 “What a refreshing new program to instruct our school children on mental health and mental illness!  Every Mind Matters is a creative and informative resource providing educators with the tools necessary to teach the importance of mental health in all our lives.”
– Mary Jean Guidette, Middlesex County Superintendent of Schools, ED.D. (Retired)


For more information about the “Every Mind Matters” Teaching Resource, please email [email protected].

Our team is preparing for exciting updates to the EMM programs to meet educators’ needs in a post-pandemic world.