Self-Care and Self-Management

Summary of Panel Presentation

This panel will discuss different aspects related to caring for your whole body and will cover various addictions, side effects of psychiatric medications, and chronic disease and diabetes prevention. Presenter will then discuss coping strategies for hearing voices, HVN groups and share personal story. In addition, a self-advocate will talk about the NAMI Hearts & Minds program.




Yasmin Halim, Consumer, Tobacco Advocate With the CHOICES program, Yasmin Halim empowers fellow consumers by educating them about tobacco addiction. Doing this work serves as an impetus and reminder to take care of herself and manage her own illness, bipolar disorder. She is a regular guest speaker for Rutgers University undergraduate class, “Clinical Principles in Psychiatric Rehabilitation.”  Yasmin writes about her presentation at this conference: “I will focus on why I started working with the CHOICES program and why I think it helps me stay focused on my own recovery. Addressing smoking addresses many areas of wellness but primarily physical. I too, in my recovery, take a self-inventory of the 8 dimensions of wellness to keep myself in balance. Over the years I have educated myself about my illness. I know the triggers and signs of when it is getting worse, how to use the coping skills I’ve learned and if I am in crisis to be honest and seek help”.




Kristen Heckeroth is the Hearts & Minds coordinator and Development and Database Manager at NAMI NJ. She serves on the Board of Trustees for NAMI Ocean County, where she also serves as a NAMI Connection facilitator. As part of her advocacy efforts she is an In Our Own Voice speaker and has testified before Congressman Patrick Kennedy on the topic of mental health insurance parity and was a 2014 Eli Lilly Reintegration Scholarship finalist. She completed her BA in English Literature with honors at Thomas Edison State College.



Melissa Mclean is a Trainer at Collaborative Support Programs of New Jersey. Melissa is a co facilitator of the Hearing Voices Network groups and Informed Choices groups throughout the state. Melissa has been involved in the self-help movement since 2008 and has both personally and professionally benefited from peer support alternative approaches.


Lois Miller, MSW, LSW, CPRP, is the Group Development Coordinator at Collaborative Support Programs of New Jersey.  Lois currently coordinates the Hearing Voices Network and Informed Choices program at peer run and other programs throughout New Jersey.   Lois has work in the field for over 15 years promoting wellness and recovery oriented services for people she supports.



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