NAMI NJ County Affliates

The caring members of NAMI NJ’s affiliate self-help groups share their experiences and knowledge with each other. They learn that they are not alone. They find mutual support and understanding to sustain them through times of crisis.
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Intensive Family Support Services (IFSS)

IFSS provides a range of supportive activities designed to improve the quality of life of families with a mentally ill relative. Family members and professionals work collaboratively to provide each family with the knowledge, skills, supports they identify as useful to the family’s overall functioning and sense of control. Families can choose from an array of services that are most relevant to their circumstances and may change over time. The state of New Jersey funds an IFSS program in every county. Services are available to any family, free of charge and regardless of whether or not the ill family member is receiving mental health services.
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N.J. Self-Help Group Clearinghouse

N.J. Self-Help Group Clearinghouse has compiled the following mini-guide of online support groups for families affected by metnal illnesses. If you don’t have a local community support group anywhere near you that deals with your love one’s disorder, or if you simply want to explore an online group to supplement the community group that you already attend, you might want to find an online group.
Online Support Groups for Families of Those Recovering from a Mental Illness


New Jersey State Family Support Plan

In June 2006, the new New Jersey State Family Support Plan for the Families of Persons with a Serious Mental Illness was adopted. This plan, called for by state law, establishes goals and set priorities for the provision of family support services in order to strengthen and promote families that provide care for a family member with a serious mental illness.

Family Support Plan 2012