Crisis Numbers

Crisis episodes related to mental illness can feel overwhelming and confusing. It’s important to remember that we all do the best that we can with the information and the resources we have available to us.

NAMI developed a guide, Navigating a Mental Health Crisis, to support people experiencing mental health crises, their friends and families by providing important, sometimes lifesaving information. At NAMI we want you to know that: You are not alone; this is not your fault; you deserve help and support; and there is support available for you.


Screening Service Hotlines in Each County

(For psychiatric emergencies, crisis intervention services, information and referral)

A public or private ambulatory care service designated by the Commissioner, which provides mental health services including assessment, emergency and referral services to mentally ill persons in a specified geographical area. Screening is the process by which it is ascertained that the individual being considered for commitment meets the standards for both mental illness and dangerousness, and that all stabilization options have been explored or exhausted.


Early Intervention Support Services (EISS)

Short term, mental health services for adults who are experiencing significant emotional or psychiatric distress and are in need of immediate intervention. EISS offers crisis intervention and crisis stabilization services in a setting that is an alternative to hospital based emergency room treatment. Outreach (non-office based) services are available. No appointment is required for the first visit; and services are free-of-charge.


What to know about calling 911