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In response to the unique needs during the COVID-19 pandemic, NAMI NJ has pivoted to bring on a special online series in order to help our diverse communities cope better, with evidence-based and trauma-informed educational material on a wide range of topics*. For more information on how to join a webinar, or to suggest a topic, please contact us at webinars@naminj.org. We are in it together!

*We have also brought some signature and homegrown programs online, visit our Program Webinars webpage for more information. 




NAMI NJ Multicultural Conversations Webinar Series

NAMI NJ is committed to serving New Jersey’s diverse communities and is hosting a webinar series this year – NAMI NJ Multicultural Conversations. Our four multicultural programs (serving African American, Hispanic/Latinx, South Asian and Chinese American communities) will help facilitate meaningful, culturally-sensitive dialogues on various mental wellness topics. This series is proudly sponsored by Amerigroup. Let’s come together and talk about mental health and culture!

Upcoming Presentation:

From Denial to Accountability: Addressing Systemic Barriers in Diversity within Mental Health Care

Tuesday, August 17, 2021
2 p.m. – 3 p.m. ET
Speaker Biographies

Join us this month as we discuss Minority Mental Health. In this webinar, you will hear from our distinguished speakers on some of the systemic barriers in our mental health care. We will discuss structural racism and how that impacts the access and quality of care that people receive. Our dialogue will focus on how to shift systemic denial and oppression to create a truly inclusive environment that holds the organization accountable for equity. Minority communities deserve equitable and quality care everyday, not just during months like Minority Mental Health Month. We heartily advocate for a transformed mental health care system where all are heard and respected.





COVID-19 Vaccine – All you want to know but hesitate to ask!

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La vacuna COVID-19: Lo que necesita saber

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NAMI NJ Multicultural Conversations Webinar Series

Pride Month Conversations: LGBTQ+ and Mental Health

Speaker Biographies | View PowerPoint Slides


Same Hope, Different Pathways: Recovery is Possible

Speaker Biographies | Resources


Culturally Competent Mental Health Services for Diverse Communities

Speaker Biographies | Resources List

Language Access Rights (English) | Language Access Rights (Spanish)

Cultural Competency Checklist | Article on Cultural Competency Case Study

Article on Counseling Asian-American Indians from India: Implications for Training Multicultural Counselors


Academic Pressures and Mental Health Among Immigrant Families

Speaker Biographies


Mental Health & Communities of Color

Download PowerPoint Slides | Speaker Biography & Agenda


“Improving Mental Health with Digital Technology”

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“Recomendaciones y recursos para iniciar y mantener servicios psiquiátricos ambulatorios durante la pandemia”

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“Grateful & Present: 5 Tools to Help Make the Season Joyous!”

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“Estate Planning and Administration”

About Hinkle, Prior & Fischer


“Too Much Stuff – Why Persons Tend to Hoard”

View PowerPoint Slides | Speaker Biography

Hoarding Disorder Initiative – Local & National Resources | Hoarding Risk Assessment


Coping with the Return to School During COVID-19″

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NAMI New Jersey Overview”

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“The Long Road Back to School”

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“Understanding Psychotropic Medication”

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Q&A Session Video


“Nutrition and Mental Wellness”

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“Mental Wellness and Substance Use/Misuse During Times of Crisis”

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“Stress & Anxiety in Youth with Autism and Developmental Disabilities: Supports for COVID-19 and Beyond”

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“Dealing with the Pandemic & Quarantine through Healthy Coping Skills and Stress Reduction Techniques”

 Download PowerPoint Slides | Speaker Biography


“Caregiving Your Older Loved One During the COVID-19 Pandemic”

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“Student Mental Health and Positive Parenting During COVID-19”

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“Staying ‘Senior-Tough’ During the COVID-19 Crisis and Beyond”

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“Crisis Planning for Families”

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Wellness Centers & Respite Houses Directory | Designated Screening Centers | Hotlines

Visitor Policy | Navigating a Mental Health Crisis Guide (available in Spanish)


“Pandemia del Coronavirus-19: Dimensión Psicosocial & Bienestar”

Speaker Bio: English | Biografia de la oradora: En Español

Ver diapositivas de presentación


“Federal and State Benefits Program Changes During the COVID-19 Emergency”

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“Emotional Wellness During COVID-19”

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“Grieving the Loss of Normalcy”

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“Intensive Family Support Services (IFSS)”

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“Wellness Strategies for Managing Crisis”

Words of Wellness (Vol. 12, No. 4)Words of Wellness (Vol. 12, No. 5)


“Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act”



NAMI’s Ask the Expert Webinar Replays:

In-Person, Virtual and Everything In Between – Supporting Families and Children

Impact of Racism and Trauma on Black Mental Health

Helping Each Other in Times of Crisis

Supporting the Emotional Needs of Youth During COVID-19

COVID-19 and Workplace Mental Health

Eating for Better Mental Health

What to Know Before Using a Mental Health App


Webinars By Other Agencies:

Navigating Students Return to School During COVID-19
By Effective School Solutions

Break the Stigma
By Somerset County Human Services Academy

Dunellen Municipal Alliance Town Hall – Dealing with Our New Normal
By Dunellen Municipal Alliance

Supporting your Loved One with Mental Illness during the COVID-19 Isolation
By NAMI Montgomery County PA and Dr. Aaron Brinen

Educator Self-Care and Thriving During a Public Health Crisis
By Northeast & Caribbean Mental Health Technology Transfer Center 

Provider Wellbeing During a Public Health Crisis
By Northeast & Caribbean Mental Health Technology Transfer Center 


Hinkle Prior & Fischer Encore Screenings on Youtube


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